Criminal Attorney and Legal Advice for Crimes

A criminal attorney is the legal professional that should be consulted when a person is a suspect of a crime or becomes a person of interest in relation to a crime. Usually, it is the government that files a case like this against a person. This means that there are lawyers of this kind who can prosecute as well as defend a client. Those who prosecute work almost exclusively for the government while those who defend can come from the private sector as well as the government.

Legal Advice

A consultation with a criminal attorney takes place when a person may be linked to a crime. There are several ways that a person may be connected to one. The first is if he or she is a suspect of the crime and may be already charged by the authorities for a trial. Another way that a person may be related to a heinous act is if he or she is a person of interest in the case. The term “person of interest” means that the individual is not charged with anything, but he or she is under scrutiny by the authorities and is advised not to go far from the state where he or she is located. The individual may be called repeatedly for an interview or an interrogation, and this is one of the times that the presence of a legal adviser may be handy.

One of the first things that a criminal attorney will tell his or her client is not to say another word without him or her alongside. The lawyer can determine if his or her client’s spoken words may incriminate him or get him more entangled in the case. The client may also say something that will incriminate him or bring to light one of his or her nefarious activities even though this is not related to the current crime. Usually, the lawyer will advise his client against incrimination or exposing himself to herself to be prosecuted for another crime during the interview with the authorities. Another piece of advice that the lawyer is likely to tell his client when the client is a person of interest in a case is to tell the truth according to what really happened. Many people embellish or reduce the facts in order for them to be released from. The problem with embellishment or not telling the truth when it comes to interviews with authorities is that the police or the Federal Bureau of Investigation usually finds these things out by themselves and returns to ask why the client did not tell the truth. This can complicate matters and make the person of interest become a suspect.

What is the Difference Between a Power Of Attorney and a Guardianship? Which is Appropriate for Some

A power of attorney is a legal document in which one person (the principal) authorizes another (the agent) to act on his/her behalf. Financial powers of attorney allow your agent to make decisions regarding your property. Healthcare powers of attorney allow your agent to make decisions regarding your health care needs.

A power of attorney permits you to appoint someone else to manage your financial and business affairs when you cannot do it yourself anymore.

This document can be a lifesaver when crisis situations occur after an accident or illness. The agent can do whatever the document allows, such as withdraw bank funds, pay bills, cash checks, and buy and sell real estate. The power of attorney is less costly and more private than a guardianship.

Guardianship, on the other hand, is a legal relationship whereby a probate court gives a person (the guardian) the power to make personal decisions for another (the ward).

A family member or a friend can initiate the proceedings by filing a petition in the probate court in the county where the individual resides. A medical examination by a licensed physician may be necessary to establish the individual’s condition. A court of law will then determine whether the person is unable to meet the essential requirements for his/her health and safety.

A conservatorship is a legal relationship whereby the probate court gives a person (the conservator) the power to make financial decisions for another (the protectee). The court proceedings are very similar to those of a guardianship except the court determines whether an individual lacks the capacity to manage his or her financial affairs. If so, the court appoints a conservator to make monetary decisions for the individual. Often the court appoints the same person to act as both guardian and conservator for the individual. Like the guardian, the conservator is required to report to the court yearly.

With all this in mind, you should evaluate your situation. What would you do if you could no longer handle your own affairs? You may want to consult with an attorney specializing in Elder Law, who will be able to assist you and advise you in this matter. By doing this now when you still have the time, you will save yourself and your loved ones heartache and financial expenses in the future.

Criminal Attorney And Domestic Violence Charges

Are you accused of a domestic violence infraction? This can be a serious charge. It is best to have legal representation for matters like these. These things are too important to leave to chance. Here are some things that an Atlanta criminal attorney can do for you.

What to expect

Your legal counsel can advise you on what to expect. He or she has experience with these matters. This may be the first time that you have been involved in something like this. If it is not, it is even more vital to have proper legal advice. You may need to go to trial or come to a plea agreement. These are major decisions. You need to know the benefits and repercussions of these types of proceedings. You could be facing considerable time behind bars. It is important to know all about the laws that pertain to your case.

Your lawyer can do many things for you. Did you know that in some cases, you records can be sealed? This means that they are not available to the public. If you are a first offender, you may be able to keep your record clean. There are things that you can do to help your case. An experienced lawyer can help you with all of these matters. A good lawyer will take care of many things for you. You will have all of the proper legal options before you.

In some cases, you may be able to have charges against you reduced or even dismissed. You need to know every aspect of the law. Since that is not possible, you need legal help that is knowledgeable on all of the laws that pertain to your case.

Your lawyer will explore all possibilities with you. For example, were all of your legal rights observed at the time of your arrest? If not, charges against you may be dropped.


You have a right to defend yourself. If you are in the act of self-defense, striking someone is considered reasonable. If someone means you bodily harm, you may need to kick them away from you. This type of action is not considered aggression. You can discuss the matter with our lawyer. He or she will know the best course of action to take. This is very important.

Accidental injury

Accidents do happen. Sometimes arguments can get out of hand. People can slip and fall. Someone can throw things that may cause injury. If injury is not the intent, it may be considered an accident. There are many other factors like these to consider. This is why it is so important to have proper legal protection.