Are You in the Right Career?

One of the great things about coaching is that it can move you to places you have only ever dreamed of. This could be starting a business, changing profession, obtaining promotion or just having a job that you really love.

We all have things that we love to do and rarely do we associate earning a living with enjoyment. Our education system matches education qualifications to career and little importance is associated to core values. Coaching can help people to elicit their core values and identify career paths that will support these values. For example if one of your core values is ‘security’, working in a commission only environment will create conflict and unhappiness.

Also, if you travel a lot and spend little time with your family you could be very unhappy in your chosen career if one of your core values is ‘family’. You may even have dreamed of being a musician and ended up a lawyer for the financial security because this seemed the sensible thing to do at the time. As years pass the material things that financial security has brought you may not seem as important and you yearn to make that life changing career move and just need someone to support you on the journey. Professional coaching can significantly increase your ability to achieve the dream by the power of commitment, focus and the identification of clear goals.

“I truly believe that we should never give upon our hopes and dreams. The path may be rocky and twisted, but the world is waiting for that special contribution each of us was born to make. What it takes is courage to follow those whispers of wisdom that guide us from the inside. When I listen to that, I expect nothing more than a miracle.”

Marilyn Johnson Kondwani

Extract from Close to my heart – chicken soup for the soul newsletter