Birth Injury Attorneys and Compensation Claims

Accidents during birth can not only the severely harm the mother, but also the infant. Often, careless operative methods during Scissor birth, use of tools that have not been properly sanitized during Scissor or normal delivery, administration of wrong drugs, etc, can cause harmful infections that may fester causing permanent damage to the woman’s ovaries. Brain deformities, due to manhandling of infant during birth may also occur, sometimes even causing death. Faulty diagnosis of the mother’s condition prior to infant’s birth can also cause complications during birth, where either the mother or child, or both may die, or child be born with deformities, etc.

Birth Injury Attorneys cannot replace a lost child or mother, or right a life-long deformity in a child, but they can help victims legally punish doctors responsible and claim compensation for financial losses incurred due to corrective operations.

While there are many law firms and settlement companies you can approach for Birth Injury Attorneys, to choose the right attorney, here are some basic guidelines to follow:

Does the attorney have a website? A website will help you read about the attorney’s professional portfolio, i.e. the types of cases he has previously handled and their results.

How much experience does the attorney have handling your specific type of birth injury case? Although the lawyer has handled birth injury cases before, your particular case might still be the first for him. In this case, hiring someone who has a proven success record with specific cases similar to yours is advised.

Who will be handling your compensation claim on a day to day basis? Most established Birth Injury Attorneys will have people designated to handle specific areas of your claim. Your attorney will certainly have appointed paralegals to do the paperwork, schedule appointments, collect medical records, etc. Your attorney will typically only negotiate with defense lawyers and deal with adjusters.

Does your attorney readily give you his personal phone number? A genuine lawyer, who wants to help you with your birth injury claim, will make himself available should you need to discuss claim details.

Is the attorney available, at least over the phone, outside of office hours? Quality attorneys will be available 24 hours a day to answer client queries, anxieties, or information regarding case proceedings, etc.

What kind of an office policy does the attorney’s office follow with regard to returning calls and answering email queries? Lack of an office policy means you should continue your search for a birth injury lawyer, simply because you don’t want to be stuck with an attorney who does not respond to your calls or emails.

To sum it up, make sure you choose Birth Injury Attorneys who are experienced and empathetic so they can handle your case properly, both professionally and personally. Go with your gut-feeling. If you think the attorney does not answer all your queries readily and truthfully, you may want to look for another lawyer. As a rule, avoid attorneys who charge fees for consultation.

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