Motorcycle Accident’s Attorneys and More Oh My

The automobile accidents have been increasing these days, and it is quite likely that you can escape such accidents with minor injuries if you are in a car. However, if you are on a motorcycle, then you may not be that lucky, as motorcycles have quite minimal or no protection at all. The motorcycle accidents mostly occur due to the carelessness showed by the teenagers and young drivers.

This has become a serious concern and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that around 103,000 people got injured and around 5,154 people died in motorcycle accidents, in the year 2007. The motorcycle accidents, when they occur, are quite severe and the motorcyclists might face grievous injuries to their head, spine or end up with other permanent injuries and disabilities.

Hence, due to the severity of such accidents, it is advisable to get yourself insured against them. You can also get a legal advice in this regard from the Motorcycle Accidents Attorney. This will not only cover your personal injuries, but also other motorists who might get injured due to your carelessness or negligence in legal terminology. The attorney will advise you to get yourself insured also against the uninsured or underinsured motorists, which will insure you in cases where you are injured by uninsured or underinsured motorists.

If such an accident occurs, then mostly the person who is at fault will be responsible for the damages and if he is insured for such accidents, then his insurance company would be liable to pay the damages on his behalf.

But this is to an extent to which the person himself is at fault, meaning that he will not be responsible for all damages or injuries that has been sustained by the other person. This is mostly true in the cases where the other person has contributed towards the occurrence of that accident. In legal terms, this is called the contributory negligence, through which the damages to be paid by the person at fault are decreased by the extent of other party’s fault or contribution in the accident. Hence, the person at fault is only at fault for his part of negligence and is not responsible for other person’s negligence no matter how many injuries the other person has sustained.

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