Why Nursing is the Best Career Choice

Are you finishing high school soon? Having trouble what career you want to do? If you do, then you should consider nursing as one of your career choices.

Nursing is a job that involves caring for sick and injured people. Nurses also help to treat and diagnose patients in which no other health professional is available. It is an exciting career in which sadly not enough people choose as their primary career choice. Here are 7 reasons why nursing is the best career choice for people leaving high school.

1. There is always a job available for nurses

Unlike other professions, there is always a need for nurses. From aged care nursing homes to private medical practices and to the big general hospitals, there is a big need for nurses everywhere in the country. If you need to move interstate for family reasons, then it is easy to get a job local to that area. Nursing has the best job mobility than any other profession.

2. Recession proof

In times of financial meltdowns or political conflicts, there is always a job available for nurses. It is one of the safest careers, and you will never fear about getting another job as a nurse.

3. Does not take long to finish a nursing degree

To get study to be a nurse only takes approximately one year. To be a qualified registered nurse only takes approximately two to three years, which gives you more medical autonomy and high financial benefits compared to being an ordinary enrolled nurse. It does not take long to be a nurse. Compared to being an accountant or a lawyer, it can take three or more years to finish. With nursing, you can achieve that in a quicker time and hence be earning money faster than other professionals.

4. Nursing allows you to specialize

With nursing, you can specialise in all sorts of different medical areas. For instance, you can be a specialist pathologist nurse looking at diseases in blood and tissue. You could also be a nurse who can diagnose and prescribe certain medication like a doctor. There are so many areas in nursing you can specialise in, you can never be bored in this profession. If you feel that you need a change of atmosphere or job, you can quickly adjust to different areas of nursing to give you a fresh occupational experience.

5. Nursing is rewarding profession

Nursing is a rewarding profession. It is a profession where you can talk to many different people from different backgrounds, class and profession. It is also a profession that can bring smiles to many hundreds of people.